Alexey Glushkov

My Experiments

GitHub repositories I've been working on from time to time:

Experimenting with node, wepback, client, server
TypeScript 0 0
WordTeacher is an app to make learning foreign words efficient
Kotlin 1 1
OpenNLP JavaFx app for experiments
Kotlin 0 0
It's a library to manage all your background work in your app
Kotlin 0 0
Owlbot action for LaunchBar
Ruby 0 0
Playing with Room + PagingLibrary + Retrofit + Coroutines
Kotlin 0 0
A test project implementing Dagger2 DI in the main and library packages
Kotlin 0 0
Intellij Platform plugin to apply changes to SVG
Kotlin 0 0
A solution for symbolicating your crashlogs.
Java 3 0
Action to use quizlet
Ruby 3 0
My LaunchBar Actions
Ruby 9 0
The library to help to find memory leaks in iOS applicaitons
Objective-C 20 4